Sunday, April 5, 2009

Steal a Beauty Deal!

For this post, we are highlighting sensational savings on beauty products for our girlfriends (and guy friends), who want to enhance their "Ah" appeal!

Beautifying one's self is about versatility, fun, and risk! So, just for the fun of it, try a new lipstick color, a new brand of eyeshadow, or a new skin care product. Come on, take a risk and steal a beauty deal! Spring into action and put a fun new beauty product on your dresser. We have made it easy for you to do, by providing you with "insider info." on some beauty products that are great deals and worth stealing!

Bionic Mascara - $19
For longer, stronger and more voluminous super-power lashes!
Try their new shade: Indigo Ink
(Click Hear) to steal this beauty deal.

Single Eyeshadow - $22
Long wearing, crease resistant color in shear wearable formulas.
Multifunction: use as eyeshadow, eyeliner and on eyebrows.
Try their exclusive shade: Tropic

(Click Here) to add a "fun" new shade to your eyeshadow collection.

Hydra-matte lotion - $39.50
For Combination skin

A lightweight lotion that gently yet effectively ensures moisture
balance of the skin where needed, all while effectively reducing
skin shine on the T-zone.
With purchase of 2 products, receive a complimentary Travel
Bag and Deluxe Travel Size Samples!
(Click Here) to add a new skin care product to your dresser.

Candy Shop Lip Tins - $2
7 deliciously juicy flavors
50% OFF Spring Sale
Buy any e.l.f. item & get your second item 50% OFF

Buy $2 item, get second item for $1
(Click Here) for an unbeatable beauty deal!

Eye Slices Eye Treatment Pads - $18.95
These dermal delivery eye masks reduce the appearance of
red eyes, dark circles under eyes, tired eyes, wrinkles and

puffy eyes within 5 minutes of use!
(Click Here) girlfriends, you have to steal this one.

EMK LIVE Anti-Aging Mask - $87
LIVE Facial Mask is anti-inflammatory, promotes cell
regeneration, has potent anti-aging properties, and is

singularly hydrating - to promote beautiful, healthy,
luminous skin.
(Click Here) for a sensational skin care product.

Organic Skin Care
ON SALE (click on this section, once on their site)
Faces Summer Glow - Face Self Tanner - $17.85
Uses only pure, natural ingredients to deliver a streak-free,
sun-kissed glow.
FEATURED on ABC NEWS - Good Morning America
(Click Here) to give yourself that "sun-kissed glow".

The Creator of Botanical Beauty
Spring Makeup Event
Moisturizing Cream Lipstick - ONLY $9.50

With nourishing, organic sesame oil.
FREE Travel-size Mascara & Lip gloss with
purchase of 3 couleurs Nature products!

(Click Here) to add some exciting new colors to your lipstick collection.

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We close this post, leaving you with the following thought: Taking joy in living is a woman's best cosmetic. ~Rosalind Russell

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Have great "fun" beautifying yourselves and dare to
take at least one risk - try something new!
After all: Risk is what separates the good part of life
from the tedium. ~Jimmy Zero

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  1. Hi, love Smashbox, got some new mascara and took risk and tried Nars new shade of eyeshadow (Tropic), not a color I typically wear, but it looks so beautiful, had to try it. I am really enjoying your blog, keep the deals coming!

  2. Hi Ruby, welcome and thanks for the great comment. Glad you took a risk and tried that new shade of eyeshadow, hope you enjoy it! Visit again soon.

  3. I see a wonderful collection here, thanks for the great advice!

  4. Hi, just got 3 new shades of lipstick - what a great buy at $9.50 each! Thanks for alerting me to the best buys. Your blog makes shopping on your site easier and more convenient. Thanks

  5. My Life Thinking, Thanks for stopping by again and you are more than welcome for the advice! Chat with us again soon.

  6. Julie, Welcome, hope you enjoy your new lipsticks.
    Glad you find our blog helpful, when shopping on our site! Visit us again soon.

  7. Hi, Iam back, shopping on your site is becoming a "bad habit" for me, just kidding. I like organic skin care, and I just got Lavera's Face Self Tanner, I have used their products in the past and really like them and this is a good buy.

  8. Loving your blog...great beauty tips! I will definitely be trying a new eyeshadow. Thanks for the reference to my blog. I will be doing the same for you in my next post. :)

  9. Gayle, So glad you are back, and delighted you enjoy shopping on our site. Hope you enjoy the Face Self Tanner. Your right, at that price it is a good buy!

  10. Rondi, Thanks my friend, hope you try a new eyeshadow - always great to add some new Spring products to our dressers. Thank you very much for referencing our blog in your next post - can't wait to see it.

  11. I am so thrilled, just got the eye treatment pads, can't wait for them to arrive. Your blog is really great, as is your website.

  12. Cloie, Welcome, We are so glad you tried the eye treatment pads, hope you enjoy them! Visit us again soon. Thanks for the kind remarks.

  13. Looks much much better, nice fresh and clean. Good job :)

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  15. Jennifer, Thanks, we are glad you found our blog to be worthy of your praise!

  16. Fantastic,fantastic,fantastic, I guess you can tell that I love your blog! I just stocked up on lipstick and lip gloss - my goodness gracious at these prices how can you go wrong. I so hope you are in for the long haul, because now I can't wait for the next bargains you uncover for us! Thanks

  17. Wow - Amanda, Welcome and thanks for the big "thumbs up"! Glad you were able to "stock up" and yes we are in for the long haul - we enjoy hunting for the bargains and bringing them to you!
    Look forward to your next visit.

  18. Thank you for sharing this Gold Mine of Beauty deals with me, I'll certainly pass it around :)

  19. Went shopping at e.l.f.s for the lip gloss you suggested. Well guess what, I walked away with a lot more than lip gloss - just could not pass up the great buys!

  20. U really have a good blog sir!!

    From HighThrottle Blog.

  21. Miss Sly, You are more welcome, that is what we do - we love passing on great deals to our friends and visitors. And Thank you so much for passing the information along to your friends! Visit us often.

  22. Patricia, Welcome and we are so glad you were able to take advantage of the super savings offered by e.l.f. - we love this company, because they have great products at very reasonable prices. Hope you enjoy your new beauty products! Let us hear from you again soon.

  23. highthrottle, Thank you so much for kind comment, glad you like our blog.

  24. I find your blog to be very helpful, love that you highlight the shopping deals for us, got two new lipsticks and three new eyeshadows, as well as the eye treatment pads. I am a "happy camper"!

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