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Dishing Out Shoe Deals For $30 Or Less!

Do you love color? Hope so, because you're going to have to go "somewhere over the rainbow" if you want to buy shoes this Spring. The newest styles are colorful, unique, detailed, and sexy! They create a virtual rainbow of dazzling color, from hot pink to bright yellow and everything in between.

Color, however, is not the only hot shoe trend this Spring. You are also going to see platforms, sling-backs, peeptoes, booties (high heel booties are an absolute must-have), gladiators, snake skin, fringe, ties, laces, straps, and ruffles.

Even though the economic state-of-affairs is doom and gloom, dictating that many of us be more restrained when it comes to spending our hard earned bucks, your options (re: shoes) this Spring are not restrictive or dreary! Rather, you're going to be able to find chic and stylish shoes, from very affordable to high-end, that are bewitching, fanciful, and awe-inspiring. So "click your heels" and get ready for some magic! Because we are dishing out shoe deals for $30 or less!!
And just in case you have any doubts about what a pair of shoes can do for you, just ask "Dorothy".
Women's Shoes
Shoes under $30
Promiscuous Bewitching Pink Satin - $26.91
Be the bewitching babe that you are in this sexy
acrylic platform sandal.
Satin upper lined with rhinestones.
Fully padded foot bed features a gel insert at the
heel for extra comfort.
(Click Here) and grab these quick, before the the
wicked witch of the west steals them!
Women's Shoes
Under $30
Groove Women's "Nico" Gladiator Sandal - 27.99
Elevate your standard of style with shoes from Groove.
Rockin' Sandals feature open toe gladiator styling with
silver-tone hardware.
(Click Here) and "get your groove on".
Women's Shoes
Under $30
MIA Heart Break Red Patent - $26.91
Look delightfully girly in these darling sandals.
Patent upper with heart-shaped perforations.
Fabric trim
(Click Here) and go ahead, "break some one's heart".

Ladies, I know there is a lot of here,
and you're going to get some more; sorry, but a girl
has to go to where the best bargains are, right! I say
that and now I am going to mix it up just a bit. But
before I do, in case you are wondering, the men's and
children's shoes are coming - it can't be "all about us"!
Clearance - Women's High Heels
Price range: $20 - $24.99
Logo 69
Logo 69 Shoes - $24.99
An original Logo 69 heel. Fantastic styling on the
upper is complimented by a metallic buckle and
strap which can be wrapped around the foot.
A large heel gives you extra height
Perfect for dressy parties!
(Click Here) and "have your self a ball".

FREDERICK'S of Hollywood
Colorblock Suede Platform - $29.99
Colorful suede platforms give new meaning to the term
"high fashion".
(Click Here) and get "high" - fashion that is.
Booties for Women
Under $50
Under $30
Adi Designs Women's "Salin" Peeptoe Bootie Pumps - $29.99
Step out in style with ultra chic peeptoe booties from Adi Designs.
High heel booties have stretch vamp for comfortable wear.
(Click Here) and start "stepping out" in style ladies.
Women's Shoes
Under $30
rsvp Amy Turquoise Nubuck - $24.97
Stylish and unique, this sandal will have all eyes on you.
Nubuck upper with a sparkle print on the foot be.
Singular toe loop design.
Soft Nubuck along the top drapes itself on your foot.
(Click Here) and "get noticed".

FREDERICK'S of Hollywood
Ankle Cuff Stiletto - $11.99
High-step it this season in a shoe that dares to be noticed.
A wide band wraps around the front of your ankle and
ends in a double buckle closure.
(Click Here) and put some "dare to be noticed" in your step.

Girls Shoes
Floral Flip Flops - $18.00
Free Shipping
Fabulous fun retro flip flops, an essential for running
around the beach or in the garden.
(Click Here) and give "the little woman" some retro style.

ENDLESS Shoes and Handbags
Sale - Free Shipping
Kids Shoes
Sketchers Little Kid/Big Kid Nollies Sneaker - $27.47
The comfortably cool Nollies sneaker from Sketchers,
with its padded interior and easy close Z-strap, will
keep your little skater boy protected.
It's fun colors and bold design will make him happy.
(Click Here) and give your "little guy" some style of his own.

Puma Flesh Got Vision II USA - $21
The Flesh Got Vision shoe from PUMA's glam series features
graphics that are executed using unique materials, alternative
construction methods, and color. This deconstructed pop art
graphic, created by Darren Barrocliff, was inspired by PUMA
logos, children's cartoons, and fashion.
(Click Here) and get some "glam" and "uniqueness" for yourself Gents.

ENDLESS Shoes and handbags
Sale - Free Shipping
Men's Shoes
Giorgio Brutini Men's 17096 Fashion Sandal - $30
When the sun sets, or the work weeks over, and you're
ready to relax, this sandal from Giorgio Brutini is the
perfect option. Its open design will keep the mood casual
and let in cooling breezes, while the soft nubuck leather
upper and rubber sole will enhance comfort and the
calming vibe.
(Click Here) and exercise your "options" Gentlemen.

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