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Unique Products at Discount Prices

When looking for hot deals online, does one have to sacrifice quality, style and uniqueness? Absolutely not!!! It is fairly easy to find products that are striking, original, and unusual at a discounted price. In fact, that is what this post is all about, sharing with you some unique products at discount prices. If you want to save money on those novel services and/or products you have been looking for, then you are going to find this post extremely helpful. Because, we have searched some of them out for you! Whether it is a unique gift that you are looking for, or just something unusual for yourself, we hope that the following finds will point you in the right direction.

WallCandy Arts
Reusable wall stickers and wall art.
Unique product and innovative way to decorate nurseries, kids' rooms, and rooms for teens and adults. Once installed, WallCandy can be effortlessly rearranged or removed and used again without leaving any marks on the walls.
Count Border
In Pink and Blue
Was $48 - SALE PRICE $38.40
(CLICK HERE) if you are a design savvy looking for a savvy design.

Little Earth
For a purse as unique as you are!
You might want to try their "If the Shoe Fits" Little Earth Petite Purse.
A fashionable alternative for the young fashionista!
  • Recycled aluminum plate wrapped around two 4 inch hubcaps
  • Bottle cap closure
  • 48 inch nylon strap
  • signed and numbered certificate of authenticity
Once on their site, click on "Gifts from $25 to $50 bucks.
Purchase this unique and novel purse for only $38!
(CLICK HERE) to pickup a uniquely fashion forward handbag.

Gifts for Reawakening the Spirit.
Tibetan Massage Stone - A unique gift idea!
This handmade massage stone creates an experience of hot stone therapy. Simply warm the stone in water - can be used with massage oil (not included).
Ready for gift giving, each massage stone arrives in a handmade box along with helpful directions.
Once on their site, click on Isabella Clearance.
Regularly $14.95 - SALE PRICE $11.97
(CLICK HERE) for a unique gift that promotes health and well being.

Salon Wish
Gift Certificates - A Fabulous Gift in a beautiful Package!
Gift recipients can redeem their gift at any of thousands of fine salons across the U.S.
Gift Certificates Range in Price from $25 - $500
(CLICK HERE) to give a uniquely unforgettable gift.

Barefoot Tess
Women's Shoes, Sizes 10 - 15.
A unique fit for unique women!
Tess provides fun, fashionable shoes for women with large feet.
Once on their site, click on "UP to 70% OFF".
There, you can find J. Shoes 'Mandy' (white)
ON SALE for $39 - regularly $98
(CLICK HERE) for specialty shoes with a special price tag.

Wendy Culpepper
Specializing in handcrafted designer jewelry.
Each piece is always balanced with form, function, and beauty.
Once on her site, click on "All Sale Items".
There, you will find a Minnie 14k Gold Vermeil Necklace
SALE PRICE is $49 - regularly $57
(CLICK HERE) for a unique piece of designer jewelry.

Tea Collection
Globally Inspired Apparel,
For Little Citizens of the World.
Once on their site, click on "SALE".
There, you can find a Junsui Floral Dress (sizes 6mos. -8yrs.),
inspired by vintage Japanese indigo textiles, kimono wrap styling, 100% cotton, and machine washable.
SALE PRICE $34.50 - regularly $55
(CLICK HERE) for unusual apparel for your little ones.

Wide, Extra Wide - Sizes 6 - 15.
Bridal Shoe Collection, for fashion-conscious brides who leave a larger footprint.
Once on their site, click on "HOT DEAL"
There, you can find Jazz, Gold by Special Occasions
SALE PRICE $39.99 - regularly $72
(CLICK HERE) for a fashionable bridal shoe in unique sizes.

Hopefully, shopping for unique products at discounted prices has now been made somewhat easier for you. If this is the case, please leave a COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE to this post. Have you recently saved money when purchasing an unusual or unique product? If so, please pass the information on to us!

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Have a great week! May you find lots of unique and novel products, pay significantly less for them, yet still get the quality and style you desire.

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  1. I LOVE the Little Earth purses. Such a great idea. Thanks for all the links. I haven't finished looking through them all, but I will!

  2. Natalie,
    Thanks for the kind comments! Glad you liked the Little Earth purses - they are truly unique. Visit us again soon.

  3. Hi,
    Checked out Tea Collection's clothing for my daughter, they do have some very unusual and unique items, and I love the fact that they are very affordable.

  4. Jennifer - Welcome - so glad you took a look at some of the items that Tea Collection carries. They are a great company and your right about their clothing being unique. Glad you took the time to visit with us, come again soon!

  5. Your blog is great - you have changed it since last week, right? Think I found my daughter some shoes at Designer, going to have her check them out.

  6. Sophia,
    Hope the shoes work for your daughter; let us know would you? Thanks for noticing the change; do you like it or did you like the other design better? Let us hear from you!

  7. This is one nice blog, very well done Rae....Great shooping deals.

  8. Gee gee -Welcome and glad you like the blog! Hope you can take advantage of some of our shopping deals. Visit again soon!

  9. Just sent my daughter a gift certificate from Salon Wish. I live in California and she lives in Texas - what a convenient way to send a gift, glad I checked out your blog! I was able to get her a unique gift that she is going to love.

  10. Kitty - Hi and Welcome! So happy you were able to send a unique gift to your daughter, sure she will enjoy it. Stop by again soon!

  11. Hi,
    My daughter liked the shoes and I bought them for her! I like this design the best.

  12. Sophie - Thanks for keeping up with us! Happy your daughter liked the shoes and that you were able to get them for her. Keep "keeping up" with us!

  13. Woo...great purses,i love them!

  14. This is not on your list, but I just got a unique gift for my niece's new baby at Too Cute Baby Gifts. It was the Hat Box Bath Time Gift Set. Just thought I'd pass it along in case someone else was looking for unique baby gifts.

  15. March,
    Thanks my friend for stopping by! Yea, they are pretty unique purses. Come visit us again soon.

  16. Ameila - Welcome, what a beautiful name! Glad you found one we missed. Thanks for passing along the information and we hope your niece and her new baby enjoy the Bath Time Gift Set. Look forward to your next visit!

  17. I am into healthy living, so I checked out Isabella. I did not get the massage stone, but I did get a couple of other items on sale! I have been using your site for awhile, but really like this new blog, very helpful and convenient.

  18. Carla - Welcome - glad you are enjoying the blog! Isabella has such great products, happy you found some things you liked and were able to get them on sale. Please drop by often!

  19. Checked out Wendy Culpepper, they do have some really unique pieces at affordable prices. I took your advise and went to their "sale" section, got a pair of sterling earrings. Thanks for scoping out the deals!

  20. Karley, Welcome to our blog and you are more than welcome, that is what this blog is about. Hope you enjoy the earrings! Look forward to seeing you back soon.

  21. Talk about unique, I have never before seen purses like the ones on Little Earth - they are fantastic!

  22. JoAnn - Thanks for dropping by - Welcome - Yea, their purses are extremely unusual, hope you can pick one up for yourself. Visit again soon!

  23. Hi, just got a great pair of shoes from Barefoot Tess, saved 60%, so nice to have a place to shop for larger sizes. Like your blog, very helpful and good place to check first when shopping on your site.

  24. Barbara - Welcome, wonderful, hope you enjoy the new shoes and thanks for the kind remarks. Please visit us again soon!

  25. Great stuff! I'll definitely add you as a friend and keep reading your blog posts! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Pink Avenue Bride - Thanks for the kind remarks, glad your going to be a regular reader of our blog posts!

  27. Insider-Insights - Thanks, glad you like the blog and glad you love to shop! Visit again soon.

  28. Wow! I love your blog, I see you have made some changes.
    This is cool it makes it so easy for me to find the products I am looking for. I love your choices of shoes, please don't tell my hubby I bought 2
    Thanks again

  29. gi gi, Thanks, so glad you like the blog and that it makes things more convenient for you - my lips are sealed!!!LOL

  30. I love the girl going shopping !! Tha is me, tour site will get me in trouble when the credit card comes in...Love it I have found some great bargains and products that I love, like a real cute pair of silver sandals at Forzieri..Love it.

  31. gi gi, Thanks for your devotion to our blog and for doing your shopping on our site. Hope you enjoy the sandals and that they did not run up those credit cards too much! LOL Let us here from you again soon.